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Aka Dr Jim Davis

Dr Jim Davis Singer Songwriter aka Ginger Geoffrey

Dr Jim Davis has worked as an art director and studio manager, multimedia producer, learning materials and communication consultant, with substantial experience of designing, managing and delivering corporate training and further and higher education.  Jim is also a freelance filmmaker, musician and singer songwriter having had work published in Japan, Germany, USA and the UK.

Graduating with honours, Jims first degree was in ‘audio visual design’, his masters degree was in ‘computing in design’ and his award winning PhD explored the design and deployment of learning technology to support the acquisition and development of practical skills associated with sound recording and interviewing.

Jim’s research interests revolve around user experience. Born out of the digital domain, his work presently explores the engagement of casual audience within the context of street performance. Researching through ‘doing’, this work is couched in principles of ‘practice as research’,with an eye on the ephemeral nature of performance and the absence of perpetuity, and draws upon the theories of situation awareness and the reflective practicum. 

Performing as a solo artist, “Ginger Geoffrey” Jim also playing as part of a events / recording duo “Bash and Strum” and a street performance duo with Fat Fingered Freddy aka “Strum and Bass”. 

Jim also advises on the design and deployment of a range of interactive and communication media; has been a Knowledge Transfer Partnership academic supervisor;  lectures in immersion and atmosphere, ideas generation and asset acquisition within Computer Games Design; is an MA and PhD supervisor and holds a substantive role as cross faculty manager for Risk, Resources and Sustainability within the Faculty of Arts of a UK University.

Jim Davis aka Ginger Geoffrey performing, playing guitar and singing

Research Projects


Busk - engaging a causal audience, exploring, for optimal effect, the interplay between presentation, repertoire, performance, space and audience.


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