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100% live one-man show with guitar, cajon, percussion and vocals.
original new music and deconstructed hits



A Band in One Man


In his one-man-show Ginger plays guitar, custom cajon, percussion and vocals, performing original new music as well as a selection of deconstructed popular covers reworked for an acoustic context.

In this 7 minute compilation Ginger Performs:
Bill Withers - Lovely Day
Radiohead -
Stereophonics -
Audio Slave -
I am the Highway
Rag n Bone Man -
Katey Perry -
Hot n Cold
The Doobie Brother -
Listen to the Music
Prince -
Little Red Corvette
Someone Like You
Red Hot Chili Peppers -
Dani California
Depeche Mode -
Personal Jesus
Sam Smith -
Stay With Me
The Zootons -
Mr Blue Sky

About the Singer Songwriter Ginger Geoffrey

The man and his music

Ginger Geoffrey's one man band kicks and strums his way through original songs and an eclectic mix of adapted indie pop and rock classics. No prerecords or looping pedals a 100% live performance delivering a rich energetic full-bodied sound.

Influenced by the intense rhythmic guitar style of Richie Havens and writing styles of Nevin, Duritz and Heaton, (Fairground Attraction, Counting Crows and The Beautiful South); Ginger writes predominantly story-driven songs woven into melodic tales. From the resilience of ‘Take what you want’ and ‘Get out of here’, optimism of ‘This heart of mine’, ‘Rendezvous’ and ‘First sight’; despair, lust and regret of  ‘Wake-up’, ‘Wanna love you’ and ‘Gone’ these tracks are a journey through the highs and lows of affairs of the heart.

quotation Ginger is ‘the premiere one-man-band’ with a 100% live signature bare-bones performance, (no backing tracks or loops), bringing his song writing, guitar, cajon and a myriad of percussion paraphernalia to bare in pursuit of liberatingly fantastic melodic foot tapping and thigh slapping music.


Ginger Geoffrey

Early Years

Born the son of a dustman and seamstress, and formatively raised on the Golf-links Estate in West London, at a time when being different put you in the 'special needs' pot within the school system. A self-taught musician, Ginger describes his earliest memory of playing guitar:

quotation “My mum and dad were looking after some possessions for an uncle which included a battered old guitar, and despite having explicit instructions not to touch any of his stuff, that guitar just kept looking at me. Early Sunday mornings I discovered a ‘how to play guitar’ show on telly and curiosity got the better of me. So while my folks were asleep, I’d take the guitar, sit in front of our black and white telly and try and follow the lessons.”

At the age of ten Ginger and his family moved to Cornwall for 5 magical years, before returning to the London suburbs in the early 80’s. A further move to Staffordshire 5 years later has been where Ginger has laid his hat ever since.

In addition to performing as a solo artist Ginger collaborates with Dr Daz forming the lively function and events duo ‘Bash and Strum'. Ginger also plays alongside Fat Fingered Freddie as the street performance duo 'Strum and Bass'; and with Mike Heathcote as part of an alternative lounge music duo 'Rock Swings'.


Ginger Geoffrey Close-up




Ginger is a member of
Musicians' Union
Membership Profile



Ginger Geoffrey Logo


Jim Davis aka Ginger Geoffrey performing, playing guitar and singing


  Ginger Geoffrey Performing at Jollies Cabaret Venue Stoke on Trent

Recording, performance and busking Collaboration with Ginger Geoffrey
Function & Events Duo

Celebration, Parties & Event's Duo
Bash and Strum

Bash & Strum are the result of a musical collaboration between Darren Clement and Ginger Geoffrey aka Jim.

Having spent several years as a charity covers band, Bash and Strum have made the transition to writing, composing and regularly performing their own material. Grounded in simplified acoustic rhythmic sets,  using only acoustic guitar, drums and vocals the sound the guys create is deceptively full. In recent months Darren and Jim have been performing new material as well as the songs from their debut album ‘Rendezvous’. The album explores the many-facets of relationships, from parenthood to on-line-dating. The guys say their music is intended to hopefully make the listener “think, feel and or dance!”

Performing both intimate acoustic sets as well as larger staged performances for festivals, parties, private functions and charity events. With a “just for fun” approach, the groove is lively and well….. fun.

Bash and Strums repertoire of covers is diverse and constantly evolving. Sets are always crafted around a clients needs and requirements.

For more information see :

Bash and Strum Audelum Scout Hall Charity Concert

Bash and Strum performing

Bash and Strum at Music Store Pro

Bash and Strum performing

Bash and Strum performing

Bash and Strum performing

  Bash and Strum Play Music Store Pro Live and Local Hanley Stoke on Trent

Busking Duo

Street Performance
Busking Duo

Strum and Bass with ginger Geoffrey and Fat Fingered Freddy

Using Electro Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Cajon & Vocals, the guys busk reworked versions of popular music from across the decades.

The Staffordshire-based duo, met 30+ years ago as design students studying at North Staffordshire Polytechnic.

The pair now bring music to streets across Staffordshire, raising money in aid of GIST Support UK, a very rare type of cancer.

Fat Fingered Freddy

AKA ‘Bass’, is a musical explorer. With acoustic guitar, piano, saxophone (and probably recorder) under his belt, Freddy has taken on the mantle as the duo’s rhythmic heart beat.


Ginger Geoffrey and Fat Fingered Freddie playing guitar and Bass



Quirky Lounge Duo

Cafe Bar, Restaurant & Lounge Music Duo

RockSwings Music Duo

The duo perform with guitar, percussion and vocals, and have a very modest performance foot print affording venues with limited space, the opportunity to comfortably host a 100% live music experience.

With a selection of easy to listen to swing-based reworking of popular rock and pop covers , the duo offer a different live music experience to establishments such as Wine Bars, Coffee Shops, Cafe, Restaurants and Eateries looking to enhance their customers experience. Delivering a smooth unobtrusive vibe, the live music experience is unique and designed to nestle comfortably within a venue, entertaining while respecting conversation and enhancing the overall ambiance.

Lounge Tradition
The duo offer establishments a couple of ways of booking a performance. While engagements can be fully covered by the host, the duo also offer a nominal payment and tips model. This latter offering is grounded in the long established traditions of lounge music, which sees house musicians given a base payment supplemented by customer tips. To discuss options contact via email: Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com or txt/phone: +44 (0) 7306 885440‬

A typical set list form "Rock Swings" includes songs originally performed by the likes of AC-DC, Guns N Roses, Joy Divsion, U2, Red Hot Chilli Pepers, REM, Michael Jackson, Pharrell, Prince, ELO, Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, Bad Company, Radiohead, The Killers, The Sex Pistols and a host of others....





Sample Acoustic Covers
(Rock Swings recorded live 2019)

Cover of: Michael Jackson - Billie Jean

Cover of: Doctor Hook - A Little Bit More

Cover of: Eric Claspton - Running on Faith

Cover of: Sspandau Ballet - Through the Barricades

Cover of: Frank Sinatra - ThatsLife




Songs and Discography of Ginger Geoffrey

Some of Gingers songs
are available from the links
below to the Bash & Strum
Album 'Rendezvous'

Ginger Geoffrey at Amazon Music
Ginger Geoffrey at Google Play
Ginger Geoffrey at iTunes
Ginger Geoffrey at Spotify
GingerGeoffrey at Sound Cloud
Ginger Geoffrey at Bandcamp
Ginger Geoffrey on Deezer
Resonate - Ginger Geoffrey music


Ginger Geoffrey Album - Disc 1




  Ginger Geoffrey @ YewStock 2018
Repertoire and Set Lists for Ginger Geoffrey

Deconstructed Covers
In addition to writing, composing and performing his own material, Ginger continues to perform a selection of deconstructed covers reworked for an acoustic context.

quotation “What you end up with is a raw vibe which still maintains the essence and essential energy of the song and represents this as simplistically as I can with the resources to hand.

Excluding the Jukebox set lists, the range of covers Ginger plays in his pre-fixed sets are drawn from a variety of genres, bands and artists spanning six + decades and are established with the intention of offering a distinctly different performance of covers as wells as a somewhat unique set of songs which are a little different from the popular norm set pieces on the cover band circuit.

Music organisers have cottoned on to the problems of a lack of variety causing song repetition across artists performing covers, so much so that one festival organiser, having had "sex on fire" performed by 9 different artists over their festival weekend in 2021, so the organiser is now insisting on different songs on set lists each performer intends to play.


Sample Acoustic Covers
(Bash & Strum recorded live 2016)

Cover of: David Gray - Babylon

Cover of: U2 - Angle of Harlem

Cover of: Stereophonics - Dakota

Cover of: Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

Cover of: Adele - Someone Like You

Booking Information for Ginger Geoffrey
Booking Information


Affordable live music for all!
Commercial venues, functions, house party, birthday, christening, wedding or other celebrations or charitable events, Ginger Geoffrey offers very affordable scalable shows. From the cozy living room performance to a festival stage, with a versatile Repertoire and a number of scalable PA rigs all functions and events can be catered for.

Booking Fee:

Any quoted booking fee is inclusive of the performance, set-up and strip down time, public liability insurance, travel and all other out of pocket expenses. Payment is due at the conclusion of the performance as cash or card payment (the latter is subject to a 2% transaction surcharge)

Ginger Geoffrey solo bookings start at £150 for a local* solo double set of approximately 26-30 songs.

Rock Swings / Bash & Strum duo bookings start at £200 for a local* solo double set of approximately 26-30 songs.

More about Payment:
An invoice for the performance can be issued prior to the performance or presented on the day. Payment will be payable at the conclusion of the performance.

Please note cheques are not accepted.

Electronic payment can be taken from the cards listed below, however booking fees are not priced to include electronic transaction charges. The cost of an electronic transaction is only passed on to clients wishing to take advantage of this payment method. Consequently electronic payments are subject to an additional 2% transaction charge.

Electronic payment options

100% of profits from Gingers charity gigs is passed onto GIST Support UK.

Booking Fee Waiver:
Ginger will consider all circumstances,
especially if the event is for a good cause.


* Local bookings are defined as being within 10 miles of Stone, Staffordshire For bookings further afield please email Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com for a definitive costing.

With many years experience performing at a wide variety of events and functions, Ginger is able to outline some of the key elements and optimal timings to ensure you and your guests have the best possible experience. If you would like to discuss the feasibility of including a live performance and or the factors to consider, then contact Ginger for a friendly no obligation outline discussion:
(txt-tel: +44 (0)7306 885440‬ / email: Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.Com)

Additional Information to consider:

Sound Craft
Have you ever been to a live music performance where it is just too loud, or there is far too much booming bass and drums; lyrics impossible to make out and its just a woolly mass of thumping sound? (OK for some thats heaven, but its not for everyone.) Ginger is mindful of the need to tailor his audio performance to his clients/audiences needs and comfo
rt. Where amplification is required the solution selected is considered with more than just loudness in mind. Both tried and tested as well as emergent technology is employed to craft the client musical experience. If you want people to be able to chat comfortably during a first set / earlier in the day/evening and be fully immersed in the sound in the second/later in the night, this is a part of crafting the sound performance.

Professional Practice & Liability
Ginger is a member of PRS, PPL and the Musicians Union, and holds £10 Million public liability insurance, all equipment is PAT tested and should it be needed he can provide risk assessments for all his performances.

Single sets:
A single set is normally around 40 - 60 mins or so in length, and is likely to include 10-15 songs.

Double Set:
A full double set has twice as many songs (as it’s name suggests) and is divided into two halves with a 15 mins or longer break in between the two performances.

Mini Sets:
Mini sets are also catered for where the live performance of just a few acoustic songs is sought to add to an event or occasion (for example wedding ceremony).


Live Jukebox:
The performance can be configured to elicit interaction with patrons/ audience / public who request songs from am Jukebox style menu accessed and texted via the audiance members smartphone (see: Jukebox * note the jukebox is coded for Android and IOS Phones, allowing selected tracks to be text to Ginger Live during his performance). A Minimum of 60 songs, list subject to constant up-dating - see example list above.)

Below is a selection of client and
audience feedback

Rock Rally FM with Ginger Geoffrey.
To hear the shows interview with and testimonial for, Ginger Geoffrey, listen again here to 'Blokes' Rock Show on Rock Rally FM
(First broadcast 27/08/2018).

"Hey Jim. We're so grateful for your amazing gig and connection with everyone.... You helped make it our 'Extra Best' festival for sure".
End Hunger Festival Event Organiser.

"That was really different, fantastic!"
{Live Jukebox booking} Refuge Charity event Organiser

"Can we book you now to play again next year?"
Stone Festival Organiser

"Thank you so much for a lovely evening of music."
Regards St Dominic's Catholic Primary School

"That was brilliant. What a range of songs and not too loud."
Harry Walklet

"I’d recommend Jimmy [Ginger Geoffrey]... He was great when he did at night for me at the Potters!"
Dan Maddox - Bar Manager at Marston's Pubs

"I've worked with Ginger Geoffrey and always found him to be professional and very approachable, he not only does his own music but will do covers with his own fantastic twists, the human jukebox will add something very special to your event."
Bloke - Presenter @ Rock Rally FM


Email: Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com
telephone or txt:
+44 (0)7306 885440‬
for more info or to discuss your needs.


Ginger Geoffrey Performing


Ginger Geoffrey plays the Creyhound Inn Busrston Staffordshire Oct 2017


Ginger Geoffrey Performing in Ashbourne at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School


Ginger Geoffrey Performing Live at Jollies cabaret Venue Stoke on Trent
Gig Diary and Performances for Ginger Geoffrey
Gig Diary Performances
Below are the booked and planned performances for Ginger Geoffrey including performances by Rock Swings, Bash and Strum and Strum and Bass.




Recent Past Performances

Photographs and Gallery of Ginger Geoffrey
Photo's Photo Gallery
Ginger Geoffret Video and Clips Gallery

Video Challenge
Film a Ginger Geoffrey performance, email Dr.Jim.Davis@mac.com with the date, time and location of the performance(s) you have recorded, you will get a reply with a link to upload the video to. Once the video is uploaded, reply to the email with your postal address and you will receive FREE Ginger Geoffrey merchandise as a thank you.

For a Ginger Geoffrey Mug: Record and upload three or more songs (Unique recordings of a GG performance).

For a Ginger Geoffrey Car Sticker: Record and upload one a whole song (Unique recordings of a GG performance).

For a Ginger Geoffrey Button Badge: Record and upload a 30 sec or more clip (Unique recordings of a GG performance).

Ginger Geoffrey Merchandise
  Video Clips


Schedule of Live Streamed Events (See Gig Diary above)

Streams available from this link : Ginger Geoffrey Live@theLodge

Ginger Geoffrey gear - Instruments and equipment



Ginger Geoffrey Button Badge

Ginger has a selection of exclusive merchandise which can only be purchased at his performances. If you would like the opportunity to purchase one or more items here on-line please email Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.com indicating which items you are interested in and where you live (for postal estimate) and we will get back to you with a price.

Jade GingerGeoffrey T-shirt in various sizes
Jade T-shirt Available in sizes:
Small / Medium / Large / X Large / XX Large

Sports Grey GingerGeoffrey T-shirt
Sports Grey T-shirt Available in sizes:
Small / Medium / Large / X Large / XX Large

Iron-on Ginger Geoffrey patch badge
Ginger Geoffrey
logo Iron-on Patch

Ginger Geoffrey Window StickerGinger Geoffrey
logo Window Sticker

Ginger Geoffrey Button Badge
Ginger Geoffrey
Button Badge
Ginger Geoffrey logo button badge
Ginger Geoffrey
logo Button Badge
Equipment Instruments
Gingers instrument of choice is a Takamine cool tube electro acoustic guitar. The mellow bass-full tone along with the punchy mids gives a rich deceptively full sound. When performing solo, Ginger also plays a custom cajon adapted to be played with his feet.

Takamine guitar

Custom Built Cajon


Takamine Guitar

Pedal Board
Pedal Board

  Ginger Geoffrey Performing on Stage at Jollies Bar
Ginger Geoffrey Blog and Social Media

Ginger Geoffrey Links and Associations
Links include social media sites, the cancer support charity Ginger donates performance fees to, as well as his related Charity Just-Giving pages and associated music industry links.
Ginger Geoffrey at Amazon Music
Ginger Geoffrey at Google Play
Ginger Geoffrey at iTunes
Ginger Geoffrey at Spotify
GingerGeoffrey at Sound Cloud
Ginger Geoffrey at Bandcamp
Ginger Geoffrey on Deezer
Resonate - Ginger Geoffrey music
Ginger Geoffrey Links
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bulletpoint Twitter - @Ginger_G_uk
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bulletpoint Resonate - Ginger Geoffrey

bulletpoint GIST Support UK (cancer charity)
bulletpoint GIST Cancer fund-raising page
bulletpoint Prostate Cancer fund-raising page
bulletpoint Donna Louise Trust

Instruments and Music Gear
bulletpoint Split-tinGuitars.co.uk
bulletpoint Takamine Guitars

Musician Organisations
bulletpoint Musicians Union
bulletpoint PRS for Music
bulletpoint PPL
bulletpoint Emubands

Bash and Strum Links
bulletpoint BashandStrum.co.uk
bulletpoint Facebook - Bash and Strum
bulletpoint ReverbNation - Bash and Strum


  Ginger Geoffrey @ Yewstock 2018
Press Kit and Venue Resources for Ginger Geoffrey
Press Kit & Venue Resources

Press Kit
Links to press Information, photographs of Ginger Geoffrey and venue resources:

Complete Press Kit
(Inc bio & image files)

Artist Biography

844Kb Docx File

Ginger Geoffrey
Hi Res Photo
2.29 mb Jpg file
Ginger Geoffrey on Stage

Hi Res Photo
2.30 mb Jpg file


Ginger Geoffrey Print
Hi Res Photo
1.60 mb Jpg file


Ginger Geoffrey Logo
Hi Res Logo
930 Kb ai File

Venue Resources:
Links to promo poster files:

Venue Performance Poster
Ginger Geoffrey Performance Poster


A3 Poster jpg file (770KB)

A4 Poster jpg file (470KB)

Ginger Geoffrey Performance Poster

A3 Poster jpg file (556KB)

A4 Poster jpg file (355KB)



About Ginger




Booking Info

Gig Diary





Press Kit


Youtube Channel




Ginger Geoffrey Bash and Strum.co.uk Strum and Bass with ginger Geoffrey and Fat Fingered Freddy

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