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Ginger Geoffrey aka Dr Jim, jimmy Davis, Strum
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About the Singer Songwriter Ginger Geoffrey

Aka Dr Jim, Jimmy Davis, Strum

Ginger is a UK and Staffordshire based singer songwriter. In his one-man-show Ginger also known as Jim, sings, plays acoustic guitar and a custom-built cajon (box drum), performing original songs and deconstructed popular hits spanning half a dozen or more decades.

In addition to performing as a solo artist Ginger also collaborates with Daz Clement forming the fantastic function, events and festival duo ‘Bash and Strum'. Ginger also plays alongside Fat Fingered Freddie as the busking duo 'Strum and Bass'.

Ginger Geoffrey

With an eclectic mix of influences, Ginger draws upon the often referenced sources of inspiration such as Robert Johnson through to the less referenced works of Mark Nevin (Fairground Attraction), Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) and Paul Heaton (The Beautiful South).

A key influence in Ginger’s own drive to perform however has to be Richie Havens – a man who felt the urge to perform and the ingenuity not to let the task of formally learning to play the guitar stand in his way.

Ginger writes predominantly story-based songs woven into melodic tales. In 2014 collaborating with Daz Clement, Bash and Strum released their debut live studio album ‘Rendezvous’ including 8 tracks penned by Ginger. From the resilience of ‘Take what you want’ and ‘Get out of here’, optimism of  ‘This heart of mine’, ‘Rendezvous’ and ‘First sight’; despair, lust and regret of  ‘Wake-up’, ‘Wanna love you’ and ‘Gone’ the tracks are a journey through the highs and lows of personal relationships.

Early Years
Born the son of a dustman and a dinner lady, and initially raised on a council estate in West London, his family moved to Cornwall when he was 10 and moved back to London in the early 80's where he studied at art school in both London and Staffordshire. Ginger is a self-taught musician. Describing his earliest memory of playing guitar Ginger recalls:

quotation “My uncle Phil left a load of musical gear at our flat in the mid 70’s and I had explicit instructions not to touch his stuff. However early Sunday mornings I discovered a ‘how to play guitar’ programme on TV and curiosity got the better of me. So while my folks were asleep, I’d take a guitar, sit in front of our black and white telly and try and follow the lessons. I never got caught and I did learn the one finger ‘G’ and ‘C’ chord position. It’s just a pity I didn’t learn anything about actually tuning the guitar.”


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Jim Davis aka Ginger Geoffrey performing, playing guitar and singing


  Ginger Geoffrey Performing at Jollies Cabaret Venue Stoke on Trent

Recording, performance and busking Collaboration with Ginger Geoffrey

Event's Performance
& Recording Duo

Bash and Strum

Bash & Strum are the result of a musical collaboration between Darren Clement and Ginger Geoffrey aka Jim.

Having spent several years as a charity covers band, Bash and Strum have made the transition to writing, composing and regularly performing their own material. Grounded in simplified acoustic rhythmic sets,  using only acoustic guitar, drums and vocals the sound the guys create is deceptively full. In recent months Darren and Jim have been performing new material as well as the songs from their debut album ‘Rendezvous’. The album explores the many-facets of relationships, from parenthood to on-line-dating. The guys say their music is intended to hopefully make the listener “think, feel and or dance!”

Performing both intimate acoustic sets as well as larger staged performances for festivals, parties, private functions and charity events. With a “just for fun” approach, the groove is lively and well….. fun.

Bash and Strums repertoire of covers is diverse and constantly evolving. Sets are always crafted around a clients needs and requirements.

For more information see :

Bash and Strum Audelum Scout Hall Charity Concert

Bash and Strum performing

Bash and Strum at Music Store Pro

Bash and Strum performing

Bash and Strum performing

Bash and Strum performing

  Bash and Strum Play Music Store Pro Live and Local Hanley Stoke on Trent

Street Performance
Busking Duo

Strum and Bass with ginger Geoffrey and Fat Fingered Freddy

Using Electro Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Cajon & Vocals, the guys busk reworked versions of popular music from across the decades.

The Staffordshire-based duo, met 30+ years ago as design students studying at North Staffordshire Polytechnic.

The pair now bring music to streets across Staffordshire, raising money in aid of GIST Support UK, a very rare type of cancer.



Fat Fingered Freddy

AKA ‘Bass’, is a musical explorer. With acoustic guitar, piano, saxophone (and probably recorder) under his belt, Freddy has taken on the mantle as the duo’s rhythmic heart beat.



Ginger Geoffrey and Fat Fingered Freddie playing guitar and Bass

Songs and Discography of Ginger Geoffrey

Some of Gingers songs
are available fromthe links
below to the Bash & Strum
Album 'Rendezvous'

Ginger Geoffrey at Amazon Music
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Ginger Geoffrey at iTunes
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Ginger Geoffrey at Bandcamp
Ginger Geoffrey on Deezer
Resonate - Ginger Geoffrey music


Ginger Geoffrey Album - Disc 1




  Ginger Geoffrey Performing on Stage at Jollies Bar
Repertoire and Set Lists for Ginger Geoffrey

Ginger Geoffrey @ Jollies Stoke On Trent

Cut-Down Covers
In addition to writing, composing and performing his own material, Ginger continues to perform a selection of deconstructed covers reworked for an acoustic context.

quotation “What you end up with is a raw vibe which still maintains the essence and essential energy of the song and represents this as simplistically as I can with the resources to hand.

The range of covers Ginger plays are drawn from a variety of genres, bands and artists spanning six + decades. The eclectic mix of songs in his solo performances range from the likes of Adele, Sam Smith, Birdy to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, Prince, Primal Scream, Stereophonics and ELO.


Sample Acoustic Covers
(Bash & Strum recorded live 2016)

Cover of: David Gray - Babylon

Cover of: U2 - Angle of Harlem

Cover of: Stereophonics - Dakota

Cover of: Elle King - Ex's & Oh's

Cover of: Adele - Someone Like You

Example Covers List
Booking Information for Ginger Geoffrey
Booking Information


Affordable live music for all!
Are you having a house party, birthday, christening wedding or other type of function, party or charitable event?

Have you ever considered live music as part of the entertainment? Ginger Geoffrey is able to offer very affordable performances. From the cozy living room performance to a festival stage, a wide variety of sized parties functions and events can be catered for.

Sound Craft
Have you ever been to a live music performance where it is just too loud, or there is far too much bass; lyrics impossible to hear and its just a woolly mass of thumping sound? (OK for some thats heaven, but its not for everyone.) With both solo or duo performances, Ginger is mindful of the need to tailor his audio performance to his clients/audiences needs and comfo
rt. Where amplification is required the solution selected is considered with more than just loudness in mind. Both tried and tested as well as emergent technology is employed to craft the client musical experience. If you want people to be able to chat comfortably during a first set / earlier in the evening and be fully immersed in the sound in the second/later in the night, this is a part of crafting the sound performance.

Professional Practice & Liability
Ginger is a member of the Musicians Union, holds public liability insurance and can provide risk assessments for all his performances.

Booking Fee:
Ginger wants to perform to people who would normally be priced out of a bespoke live music experience. As such bookings start at £95 for a local* solo Ginger Geoffrey performance and a very reasonable £200 for a local* Bash & Strum performance.

Booking fees are inclusive of the performance, set-up and strip down time, public liability insurance, travel and all other out of pocket expenses.

All profits from Gingers / Jim's performances are donated to GIST Cancer Support UK. So not only do you get great sounding live music for your event, your booking also makes a significant contribution to a deserving charity.

Booking Fee Waiver:
Ginger will consider all circumstances,
especially if the event is for a good cause.

Home or function room?
Whether your party is in your own home or function room, Ginger can scale performances to fit your needs using either amplified or unplugged guitar & vocals, percussion. Ginger can advise on the feasibility of performing  for you. Of course there are some factors to consider for each type of venue, but these can be addressed when discussing your requirements.
For a no obligation outline discussion text, phone or email:
(txt-tel: 07941545664 / email: Dr.Jim.Davis@Mac.Com)

Single sets:
A single set is normally around 40 - 60 mins or so in length, and is likely to include 10-15 songs.

Full Double Set:
A full double set has twice as many songs (as it’s name suggests) and is divided into two halves with a 15 mins or longer break in between the two performances.

Mini Sets:
Mini sets are also catered for where the live performance of just a few songs is sought to add to an event or occasion.

Live Jukebox:
The performance can be configured to elicit interaction with patrons/ audience / public who request songs from an agreed list. (minimum of 40 songs, list subject to constant up-dating - see example list above.)

* Local bookings are defined as being within 20 miles of Stone, Staffordshire (post code prefix ST15 8**). For bookings further afield please email for a definitive costing.


telephone or txt: 07941 545664
for more info or to discuss your needs.



Ginger Geoffrey plays the Creyhound Inn Busrston Staffordshire Oct 2017


Ginger Geoffrey Performing in Ashbourne at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School


Ginger Performing at the Royal Exchange Stone

Ginger Geoffrey Performing Live at Jollies cabaret Venue Stoke on Trent
Gig Diary and Performances for Ginger Geoffrey
Gig Diary Performances
Below are the booked and planned performances for Ginger Geoffrey (inc Strum and Bass) as well as gigs by Bash and Strum.



Recent Past Performances

Photographs and Gallery of Ginger Geoffrey
Photo's Photo Gallery
Ginger Geoffret Video and Clips Gallery

Video Challenge
Film a Ginger Geoffrey performance, email with the date, time and location of the performance(s) you have recorded, you will get a reply with a link to upload the video to. Once the video is uploaded, reply to the email with your postal address and you will receive FREE Ginger Geoffrey merchandise as a thank you.

For a Ginger Geoffrey Mug: Record and upload three or more songs (Unique recordings of a GG performance).

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Ginger Geoffrey Merchandise
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Ginger Geoffrey gear - Instruments and equipment



Ginger Geoffrey Button Badge

Gingers instrument of choice is a Takamine cool tube electro acoustic guitar. The mellow bass-full tone along with the punchy mids gives a rich deceptively full sound. When performing solo, Ginger also plays a custom cajon adapted to be played with his feet.

Takamine guitar

Custom Built Cajon


Takamine Guitar

Pedal BoardPedal Board

Ginger Geoffrey Blog and Social Media

Ginger Geoffrey Links and Associations
Links include social media sites, the cancer support charity Ginger donates performance fees to, as well as his related Charity Just-Giving pages and associated music industry links.
Ginger Geoffrey at Amazon Music
Ginger Geoffrey at Google Play
Ginger Geoffrey at iTunes
Ginger Geoffrey at Spotify
GingerGeoffrey at Sound Cloud
Ginger Geoffrey at Bandcamp
Ginger Geoffrey on Deezer
Resonate - Ginger Geoffrey music
Ginger Geoffrey Links
bulletpoint Facebook - Ginger Geoffrey
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bulletpoint BandCamp - Ginger Geoffrey
bulletpoint Resonate - Ginger Geoffrey

Bash and Strum Links
bulletpoint Facebook - Bash and Strum
bulletpoint ReverbNation - Bash and Strum

bulletpoint GIST Support UK (cancer charity)
bulletpoint GIST Cancer fund-raising page
bulletpoint Prostate Cancer fund-raising page

Musician Organisations
bulletpoint Musicians Union
bulletpoint PRS for Music
bulletpoint PPL
bulletpoint Emubands

Ginger Geoffrey Performing

Instruments and Music Gear
bulletpoint Takamine Guitars

bulletpoint - Drift Wood Art
bulletpoint Peter Weldon - Iron Work and more
bulletpoint Optimise Consultancy ltd - Training


Ginger Geoffrey Charity Affiliation




Ginger Geoffrey plays the Creyhound Inn Busrston Staffordshire Oct 2017

Charity Affiliation:
Across 2015 and with no warning, Jim (aka Ginger) had two blood clot’s. On the eve of the new year he was contacted by the local hospital, as part of their ongoing investigation into the clots,  a tumor had been found on Jim’s intestines. Jim and his wife Debbie were called in to the hospital. A biopsy was considered too dangerous but the preliminary diagnoses was an incurable form of cancer, Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor otherwise know and GIST.

Google is a wonderful thing sometimes, but on this occasion the computer said at best 5 years. The stats’ were blunt the truth thankfully a little different.

quotation “At that time the options were limited, accept the diagnosis, accept the worst-case scenario then live life to the full; or hope that the diagnosis was wrong and then live in fear that the diagnosis would be confirmed.” – Jim

Jim chose to accept the diagnosis and set out to create and work through his bucket list.

During his on-line searching, Jim also found both a specialist regional hospital and wonderful support group GIST Support UK. With his care moved, the specialist hospital, they agreed a biopsy was too dangerous and confirmed it looked like GIST.

In May 2016 Jim had the offending tumor remove along with a section of his intestines in a 5 hour operation.

Six weeks later at his first outpatient’s appointment, Jim and Debbie were floored with the news that the tumor was in fact a benign fibrous growth, Jim was cancer free. Living with a terminal (or what is now called 'life limiting') cancer diagnosis was hard. Along the way Jim met patients in various stages of the disease, as well as family and friends supporting loved ones with GIST.

There are currently less than 900 people a year diagnosed with GIST. It’s an underfunded area of cancer research. The prognosis for people with the disease is limited; GIST cannot be treated with Chemo or Radiotherapy. As tumors emerge they must simply be cut out along with associated tissue or organs they are embedded in or attached too. When tumors can no longer be removed then there are (as of August 2016) three inhibitor drugs, with a collective effectiveness of five years. The latter two drugs have potentially severe side effects, which in the worst case can result in the patient being restricted to a wheel chair. Once the drugs fail, and they do eventually fail, the final stage of support is palliative care.

quotation “2016 has been a real trip and has left its mark on me. For some years I have been performing in support Prostate Cancer, and while this remains important,  I am deeply drawn to the GIST community.  All profits I receive for performing as either Ginger Geoffrey or as part of Bash and Strum are now donated to GIST Support UK”. – Jim


Gist Support UK

To make a £10 mobile donation using our unique code 'GINR88' text:
GINR88 £10

If you wish to donate a different amount simply change the amount after our unique code


To make an on-line donation
or view fundraising progress visit:


Thank You

Press Kit and Venue Resources for Ginger Geoffrey
Press Kit & Venue Resources

Press Kit
Links to press Information, photographs of Ginger Geoffrey and venue resources:

Complete Press Kit
(Inc bio & image files)

Artist Biography

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Venue Resources:
Links to promo poster files:

Venue Performance Poster
Ginger Geoffrey Performance Poster


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Contact information for Ginger Geoffrey


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Ginger Geoffrey Bash and Strum and Bass with ginger Geoffrey and Fat Fingered Freddy
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